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What To-Do Before a Buyer walks through your door!

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Have you ever wondered what you should do as a Seller before a buyer walks through your door? Here is your Part 1, To-Do list!

Today we will discuss what to clean and how to depersonalize your home, so that the buyer feels like it’s there’s 🙂

Cleaning To-Do List!

Clean fireplace
Clean/replace lightbulbs
Front door/Front door windows
Clean up walls (wipe off smudges and marks)
AC/Heater vents
All windows
Ceiling fans

How to make your home more inviting to the buyers!

Rearrange furniture to maximize your floor space!
Make all house plants look nice and taken care of.
Remove the furniture that you want to throw out (more space)
Clean up your magnets/pictures on the fridge. (Note: De personalize your home. Make it seem like it’s theres!)
Reduce wall art/ frames
Add some lamps to any dark spaces within your home.
Have your home smell fresh! (Candles, air fresheners etc)
Keep your stuff off coffee tables, end tables etc.

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