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City vs. Suburbs living. Pros and Cons, Frederick MD.

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Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week. I want to share today with you today the pro’s and con’s about living in the city vs. suburbs. I hope this will provide you with some insight and help you make the BEST decision when buying your next home! Also, at the end of this blog, click the link and start your home search with me. I have tons of resources that will make it possible to find your dream home.

Suburbs living pros

-Peaceful living experience.
-More living space and larger properties (It could be mean you get that office or gym you’ve always wanted!)
-Newer construction than most of the homes found in cities.
-Houses are usually bigger and can be more affordable depending on location.
(depending on the type of person you are, suburb living can offer a better quality of life)
-Suburb communities have better quality schools, lower crime rates etc.

Suburb living Con’s

-Lot’s of drive time if you are working in the city, and you will spend more money on gas.
-Downtown areas have more when it comes to dining, entertainment and activities.
-There can be a “waiting” period when buying in a suburban community.

City living pro’s

-They have older homes, creating natural beauty which is what some people really love!
-If you live in the city you work in, boy are you going to save some money on gas, auto expenses etc!
-Cities have the best public transportation systems available

City living con’s

-Living spaces can sometimes feel a bit small and congested.
-Have children? Depending on their age, typically have fewer opportunities for children to play in outside
=Traffic, traffic, traffic.. expect it.

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