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First time homebuyer? How to choose the best home to live in

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As your local agent, it’s important for me to help you find the best home to live in. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Frederick Maryland soon, I want you to consider a few things that will really help your search journey. The first thing is deciding home much you can spend on a home, from there we will help you pick the BEST home.

A common question I often get from first time homebuyers is, “We love this house, but how is the neighborhood?” As your real estate agent, I will provide the best resources/ information about the neighborhood for you!

Heres a few things I want you to consider/look for when you’re looking for a home in Frederick Maryland.

1. School systems– How are the schools? Luckily, we have the best! Are there some better than others? Of course, but whether you have children or not the local school district is an important thing to consider when buying a home! The school district can often times can impact the ease and timeliness of a future sale. I know you’re probably not thinking about that, but as your real estate agent I want the best for you and I am also committed & care about your future.

2.Business and shopping– What’s around the area? stores? businesses? Local businesses and shopping can often indicate how the neighborhood is. Business owners want to be in a community that’s thriving & where there is local support from the residents! What do you exactly look for in a community?

3.Public transportation- How close is the nearest bus line? What’s the cost of local transportation? When local transportation is desired in the community, this is something you want to know and look for when choosing the right home to live in.

4.Convenience- We know that convenience to a buyer can have MANY different meanings, so what’s important to you? Do you want a highway near by? A fitness center? A grocery store? Sit down and prioritize your convenience list, so that way you can pick the BEST area to live in!

5.Taxes- Tax rates vary from town to town & we can help you on this! A great real estate agent will be able to get this information for you. Remember how we said that choosing the best home to live in, can possibly mean how much you can spend on a home? Tax rates do effect monthly payments. What you want to do is look at the past several years on the rates because that can help predict what they will do in the future.

Looking forward to the opportunity of helping you get into your next home!

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